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Cunning Plan is a creative communications agency.

We unearth insights and develop smart strategies
that help our clients stay ahead.

The landscape is always changing, so we help our clients adapt, find a space they can own,
play to their strengths and grow.

We greet each day with wide-eyed enthusiasm because we love what we do.

Every new challenge is there to be outwitted with a clever twist, a fresh approach, or a new way through.

Angel Central Creative | Shopping Centre Design

Angel Central New Website

Angel Guide Design

Epic Entertainments | Web Design

Hallmark Hotels Christmas Brochure Design

Hallmark Hotels Creative

Hallmark Hotels Pet Weddings Social Campaign

Hallmark Hotels SEO & Content Marketing

What We Do

We are Smart Strategists. Or to put it another way, the most cunning of planners.

We enjoy the adventure, whether that’s scoping out a smarter strategy, mining a new technology or simply bringing an idea to life.

Some projects demand a completely fresh approach. While others require an agency that simply knows the lay of the land, the clever cuts, the curious routes that get them where they want to be faster.

We do both at Cunning Plan.


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